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Athletics and movement have always been an integral part of my lifestyle. I grew up in a little district called Happy Grove in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. I spent most of my childhood outside shirtless and barefoot, climbing fruit trees and playing with my friends. I had the freedom to explore my environment and learn what my body was capable of doing. That lifestyle led to high school soccer, track & field and field hockey at Munro College. A full athletic scholarship to Tulane University further solidified my passion for movement and fitness.

I am a certified strength coach (NSCA), USATF level 1 coach and personal trainer (NASM). It's amazing to see the joy when someone achieves a fitness goal they once thought was impossible. Your achievements are based solely on your abilities whether you’re an athlete or not. We all have an inner athlete in us. I’m overjoyed to help you tap into your inner athlete, unleash the beast and live a healthier lifestyle.


Movement is Life!

        Strength Training & Conditioning


Strength training is the most effective way to increase your lean muscle, increase your bone density, boost your metabolism, look better, decrease your body fat and improve your quality of life. My programs are tailored to improve your movement patterns and get you stronger. Remove the guesswork, avoid boredom or plateau and use a sound strength training program.

Let's train!

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